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Bank Anywhere

At BCBank, we know how important is it to have access to your bank 24/7. And that’s why our goal is to provide free, easy and secure ways to for you to manage your banking activities.

All of our alternative banking solutions keep you connected to the BCBank services and accounts you need… anytime — anywhere.

Bank Anywhere
All of our alternative banking solutions keep you connected
to the BCBank services and accounts you need... anytime -- anywhere.

Online Banking

We offer Online Banking through NetTeller.


Would you like an overview of NetTeller?


Recieve account statements and noticies electronically.

Mobile Banking

Bank anytime, anywhere using your wireless device


Interactive, full service Touch-Tone telephone banking.


A banking card that offers you flexibilty and convenience.
  • NetTeller
  • Bill Pay
  • Fi-to-Fi (Financial Institution) Transfers
  • Online Banking

    We offer Online Banking through NetTeller. Access to NetTeller can be made through our BCBank website homepage or by direct access to the NetTeller Login screen by clicking HERE.


    With NetTeller, customers have access to their accounts from any personal computer with internet access. NetTeller provides customers the ease of viewing account balances and transactions, transfering funds, viewing/printing statements, and paying bills through Bill Pay.
    To enroll in Online Banking, customers can either download and hand-deliver a completed enrollment form (Online Banking Enrollment Form), or choose online enrollment by clicking on the link below:
    The PDF forms below may be used for Online Banking enrollment. They must, however, be delivered to your local branch in person. Note: Customers must have a valid email address on file with BCBank before enrolling online
  • Bill Pay

    Bill Pay
    Bill Pay is a feature of NetTeller. Using Bill Pay, customers can pay their bills online, whether the bill is to a company or an individual. If the entity being paid has an electronic clearing account, then payments will be processed electronically. If they do not accept electronic payments, then a paper check will be mailed to the entity on your behalf.

    Bill Pay offers customers an easy and convenient way to pay bills and provides concise record keeping. If NetTeller customers wish to sign up for Bill Pay, then they will need to contact their local branch at 304.457.3300.

  • Fi-to-Fi
    (Financial Institution) Transfers


    FI-to-FI Transfers is provided to all of our NetTeller customers. Customers have the capability to transfer funds between their BCBank deposit accounts and their deposit accounts at other financial institutions.

    Having trouble?
    Call or Visit one of our Universal Bankers.

eBanking Demos

eBanking Demos

Would you like an overview of NetTeller? Need us to walk you through resetting your NetTeller password or adding a payment to your Bill Pay? Maybe you would like to configure your widgets on My NetTeller or to upload a batch for your Cash Management Account.

Don't worry! The links below will take you step by step through getting started with whichever process you need.

Simply, click on the link, or copy and paste the link address into your browser.

Personal/Business eBanking Demo

Cash Management eBanking Demo

If you still have questions, please contact us at 304.457.3300.



BCBank wants to do our part in conserving resources. We now offer our customers the ability to recieve account statements and noticies electronically. eStatements include the same information as your paper statements, only they are delivered through your BCBank NetTeller account rather than by the US Postal Service. There is no fee to enroll in eStatements. By enrolling, you will recieve your statement faster, and they are more environmentally friendly because you'll be saving paper.

eStatements are stored online for 120 days. During that time you can view, print, or save a copy to a file for future reference.

BCBank will notify you via email when you have a new statement or notice available for viewing. Your security phrase will appear in the subject line of the email to authenticate that the email is from BCBank. To view the statement or notice, simply sign into your BCBank NetTeller account.


  1. Sign on to your BCBank NetTeller account
  2. Click on the eStatement tab
  3. Follow the five steps list-itemed for enrolling in eStatements. By clicking Details in step one, you can choose which accounts to enroll and which statements and/or notices to recieve for each account.
  4. You will be asked for a valid email address and to create a "secuirty phrase". The security phrase will be included in the subject line of the statement/notice notification email from BCBank.
  5. After you have clicked Submit to enroll, you will be sent an email from BCBank.
  6. You must respond to the email to activate your eStatements.

If you have questions, please contact us at 304.457.3300.

  • Traditional
  • Mobile APP & Text Banking
  • Mobile Self-Enrollment
  • Mobile Banking


    With BCBank's mobile option, you can virtually do your banking anytime, anywhere using your cell phone. These features are a great way to monitor your accounts while away from home; pay bills while waiting in line at the grocery store; shut down a stolen debit card; or locate the nearest BCBank ATM!

    Traditional Setup

    Log into your NetTeller account, select the "Options" tab, and choose your mobile settings. From here, you can complete the activation for Web Mobile Settings and/or Text Mobile Settings. (Note: If you would like to receive both services, you must complete both setups.)

  • Mobile APP & Text Banking

    BCBank Web Mobile

    You can use the Mobile Web version to view transactions; pay bills to existing payees; transfer funds between accounts; view alerts; activate or shut down ATM/debit cards; and locate ATMs. Below are links to the BCBank - Mobile Apps currently available for download.

    BCBank Text Mobile*

    This option allows you to access account information with or without a web-enabled phone. Once you have completed the set-up under the NetTeller Options section, you can send a text to us at 89549 requesting account information. We will then reply back with a text.

    Below is a list-item of the BCBank Mobile Text Commands:

    Bal = All Account Balances
    Bal Acct Name = Single Account Balance
    Hist = All Account Recent History
    Hist Acct Name = Single Account Activity
    Help = Commands
    Stop = Cancel

    * Your cell phone provider may charge additional fees for text messages. Consult your mobile carrier for details.

  • Mobile Self-Enrollment

    You may be able to enroll for mobile banking through you mobile device, if:

    1. You have previously logged into the traditional NetTeller website successfully
    2. You have a NetTeller ID in an “Active” Status
    3. You are not in the middle of a password reset
    4. You are not being required to agree to a revised Online Agreement
    5. You are not being recollected for multi-factor authentication (resetting challenge questions)

    Using your mobile device, navigate to , or open the downloaded BCBank – Mobile App. Login with your NetTeller ID and Password. Once you accept the terms and conditions by clicking the I Agree box, click “Next”. Complete the fields for mobile enrollment and click “Enroll”.

    Having trouble? Please visit one of our "Universal Bankers" or contact us at +1.304.457.3300.

Telephone Banking

Touch-Tone Banking provides interactive, full service telephone banking.

The Touch-Tone service offers automated service to customers, 24/7/365! You will have access to deposit, loan, and time accounts; account balance and rate inquiries; funds and line-of-credit transfers; stop payments; account summary requests; and more.

Our Touch-Tone Banking service can be reached at +1.866.344.2265.This is a toll-free number.

First-time users, follow the prompts to set up your access, which includes selecting your Personal Identification Number (PIN). For security purposes, if you do not use Touch-Tone Banking at least once every 90 days, your account will become inactive. At this point, you will need to call or stop into your local bank to have the account reactivated.

ATM/Debit Cards

Dependent on which accounts you hold, one or all of the following could apply to you.

ATM Card

Qualified customers have the option of receiving an ATM card to their Checking and/or Savings account. ATM cards may be used at BCBank ATM machines at no charge. ATM cards can be used at any ATM machine, anywhere; fees, however, apply to usage at foreign ATM machines.

Debit Card

Qualified customers have the option of receiving a debit card linked to their checking account. This point of sale card may be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. Debit cards may also be used at ATM machines.

To report a card lost or stolen:

BCBank cards may be reported lost or stolen by using one of the options below:

  • If you have Online Banking, log into your account, select the Options tab, click ATM/Debit Card, click the box under Lost/Stolen, and then click Submit.
  • Or dial +1.866.546.8273


NetTeller ID:

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