Convenient, Secure Telephone Banking Services

Banking with BCBank is as easy as pressing a few buttons on your telephone! If you are like most people today, you do not have much free time to visit the bank. Sometimes, when you simply need to access your account balance, loan information, a quick call to your bank is all it takes. Our Telephone Banking services ensure that you can conduct your banking over the phone in a secure and efficient manner. If you would like to learn more about our telephone banking services, contact us today at (304) 457-3300, or your local branch.
To access the feature directly, call 1 (866) 344-2265.

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Telephone Banking Available 24/7 Goes Where You Are

BCBank offers 24/7 convenience with telephone banking. ‘TouchTone,’ or an automated voice response system that provides interactive, full service telephone banking. The telephone banking system goes where you are and offers automated service to customers, 24/7/365! You will have access to your deposit accounts, including checking, savings, and certificate of deposit accounts. Check balance on account, get the date and amount of your last deposit, hear check deposits or withdraws posted to your account, or transfer between accounts. Get information on your loan account, including payment amount, due date, payment history, balance due, and even make a payment from your BCBank account. Place a stop payment or cancel lost or stolen debit cards from your phone. You can also find our branch locations and hours.

First-Time Telephone Banking User Instructions from BCBank

First-time users, follow the prompts to set up your access, which includes selecting your four to six digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). For security purposes, if you do not use telephone banking at least once every 90 days, your account will become inactive. At this point, you will need to call or stop into your local bank to reactivate the account.

Reach our Telephone Banking service at +1 (866) 344-2265, a toll-free number.

Telephone Banking at Its Best

Years ago, bank customers waited in long lines to see a teller for essential banking services, often taking time during their lunch break or right after work. Telephone banking soon grew to be an important service feature for many customers. Telephone banking empowers each customer to have greater control of their time and when they bank. BCBank is proud to offer 24/7 convenience with telephone banking. Telephone banking is one of the many ways BCBank continues to serve the communities of North-Central West Virginia from our roots and into the future.

Please note when using mobile and telephone banking standard data rates will apply. Speak with your mobile provider for more information.