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Remote deposit is a great way to deposit money into your account fast, without having to stop at a physical banking location. BCBank proudly offers this service to our business customers to enhance their banking experience with us. Your convenience, as well as your peace of mind, are what we aim to achieve with the helpful services we offer, including remote deposit capture. Businesses use remote deposit daily, so contact us at (304) 457-3300, or your local BCBank branch to learn more.

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What is Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) and How Does It Work?

Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) gives business banking customers the convenience of depositing a check into a BCBank checking or savings account from home, the office, or anywhere, without having to physically deliver the check to the bank. It works by taking a picture of the check with the camera function of your mobile device. RDA is a safe, easy, and convenient service to simplify banking.


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Remote Deposit Saves Your Business Time & Money While Improving Cash Flow

If your business receives check payments, our remote deposit is designed to streamline your deposit process and improve your cash flow.

Remote Deposit allows businesses to electronically deposit paper checks they receive. For businesses that deposit checks each day, Remote Deposit is a convenient way to make deposits and receive funds faster while saving your staff the time, expense and liability of making a trip to the bank. From businesses large or small, our Remote Deposit is a secure delivery system that allows you to make deposits right at your fingertips, without leaving your desk – on your own schedule – 24/7.

Some benefits of using Remote Deposit include:

  • Lowered processing and transportation costs – businesses that use remote deposit save money on multiple fronts. Expenses associated with traveling to the bank, such as gas, employee wages to transport the check, etc., are eliminated. Additionally, remote deposit recognition software can extract data from checks to reduce or eliminate the amount of time it takes to manually key information.
  • Expanded banking – remote deposit allows checks to be deposited 7 days a week/52 weeks a year.
  • Accelerated Clearings – Remote deposit transmits check images to us for posting and clearing, expediting the check deposit process.
Remote Check Deposit Using Mobile Remote. Online Capture
Simple Remote Deposit Process Helps Business Banking Experiences

The process for remote deposit is simple. After you receive a check, endorse it for remote deposit, place it in a provided scanner, scan it and send it to us via an encrypted internet connection. Your funds will be posted to your account.

  • Improved fraud detection – Adopting remote deposit will reduce the number of return items you receive, allow for earlier fraud detection, cause fewer data entry errors and greatly decrease your processing costs.
  • Reduced return item risk – since remote deposit results in faster check clearings, you’ll know about return items sooner, giving your business more flexibility in collecting on these items.
Remote Deposit Scanner

Remote Deposit Scanner

Step 1: Scan Check Items
Gather all check items together, endorse items, and convert them from paper to image with the scanner.

Step 2: Create and Send Deposit
Complete the online deposit slip and deposit without making a trip to the bank.

Step 3: Receive Funds

Banking Ease in North-Central WV with RDA and BCBank

The technology many of us carry in our pocket offers so many benefits, including the ability to accomplish banking tasks with greater ease. Enroll in RDA with BCBank today and enjoy the convenience of prompt check deposits. Call the BCBank location nearest you to learn more.