Plan Your Longer-Term Savings Strategies with CDs from BCBank

Certificates of deposits can be a great way to grow your saved money, especially if you are saving up for something specific. While CDs only allow restricted access to funds and, in most cases no access to funds, being able to invest your money in a CD with a higher interest rate provides value to the investor. At BCBank, our professionals can help you understand your options, and to decide if you should invest in a CD or not. We ensure that our customers are making the right decisions for longer-term savings strategies by assisting them along the way, as well as being available to answer any questions. Contact us today at (304) 457-3300 to find out more about our CD services and to obtain current interest rates or CD specials.

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What is a Certificate of Deposit, or CD?

A CD, or certificate of deposit, is a savings fund that allows your profit to grow over time. CDs have a fixed maturity date, interest rate, and restricted access to growing funds. Until your goal is reached at the set time, you will not be able to withdraw funds. CDs have higher interest rates than savings accounts, are automatically renewable, and we have various available terms.

The Benefits of a Certificate of Deposit/CD

There are many benefits of certificates of deposits. CDs are favorable to many customers because they offer a safe, nearly risk-free way to save and make money. Fixed interest rates, and options for fixed maturity dates also make CDs more appealing to those who are looking to grow their financial assets. Please note that there is a penalty for early withdraw. If you are interested in a CD, get in touch with one of our universal bankers to begin!

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