BCBank, Inc. Offers Personal Safe Deposit Boxes for Account Holders

BCBank, Inc. provides our North Central West Virginia account holders with safe deposit boxes. Safe deposit boxes at BCBank are perfect for keeping your important documents and valuables safe from fire, floods, or theft. With proper controls in place to keep your belongings safe, you are the only one in control of giving outside parties access to the box. Safe deposit boxes are commonly used for the following items:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Stock Certificates
  • Insurance Policies
  • Inventory of Household Items
  • Valuables/Heirlooms

Call BCBank today at (304) 457-3300 for more information on renting a personal safe deposit box. We serve Philippi, Buckhannon, Farmington, Fairmont, and Nutter Fort, WV, and the surrounding areas.

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How Do I Access My Safe Deposit Box?

Safe deposit boxes are available during lobby hours. There are two keys necessary to open the box. You will receive one key, and the other will be left at the bank. An employee will escort you to your box, and then allow you to privately view the contents. Only you will be allowed to open or enter your safe deposit box.

Business Safe Deposit Boxes at BCBank, Inc.

BCBank, Inc. offers safe deposit boxes for business use. We provide a range of sizes from 3×5 to 10×10. Storing important or sensitive information in a locked desk or cabinet may not always protect it. BCBank, Inc. deposit boxes offer less of a risk of theft or damage. To safely store important documents, contracts, or other business items, contact your preferred BCBank location. We provide affordable rental options to suit your business storage needs. Prices vary by size.

What Not to Keep in a Bank-Owned Safe Deposit Box

While it is better to keep important documents locked away to protect them, there are some valuables and documents that are better kept with you. Documents such as Power of Attorney and medical documents are things that should be easily accessible too. Other items including firearms, passports, or cash are best to be left out of your new safe deposit box as well. Banks do not recommend storing cash in the boxes, because they are not FDIC insured. Anything that you may need in an emergency is best to be left at home, especially when you only have access to the box during bank hours.