A Debit or ATM Card from BCBank Can Reduce Daily Hassle

While cash and checks can be useful, debit and ATM cards offer a level of convenience that can greatly reduce the hassle of everyday life. In fact, personal banking with BCBank, Inc. in general takes the hassle and uncertainty out of managing your finances. With a skilled, experienced staff, a secure banking system, and a total commitment to our clients’ interests, you can rest assured that you are getting the best when it comes to personal banking services. Contact us at (304) 457-3300 to find out more about our debit or ATM cards, or fill out an application today!

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BCBank, Inc.’s ATM Card Services

Qualified customers have the option of receiving an ATM card with their Savings account. ATM cards may be used at BCBank ATM machines at no charge. ATM cards can only be used for cash withdraws at ATM terminals, and cannot be used for purchases. ATM cards can be used at any ATM machine, anywhere. However, fees do apply to usage at out-of-network ATM machines.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card? Call 1 (888) 297-3416

Possible Fraud? You can find the number when you log into your online account.

BCBank, Inc.’s Debit Card Services

Qualified customers have the option of receiving a debit card linked to their checking account. This point of sale card may be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. Debit cards may also be used at ATM machines. Debit cards are not credit cards, meaning any purchase or cash withdraw is directly taken from your checking account. Features may vary, but it is a convenient way to make purchases.

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Lost or Stolen Cards - Anti-Fraud Services for Your Peace of Mind

BCBank has several anti-fraud services available to help safeguard your account and debit card. Sign up to receive text alerts on your mobile device if any of the following occur:

  • Completing five or more authorizations in 24 hours
  • Authorizations greater than $300.00
  • Cards used out of state or internationally
  • Cards not present during the transaction
  • Card is declined during the transaction

If you lost your card or suspect that it was stolen, it is important to follow these steps:

  • If you have Online Banking, log into your account, select the Options tab, click ATM/Debit Card, click the box under Lost/Stolen and then click Submit.
  • Or dial: 1 (888) 297-3416 and let us assist you!
BCBank Offers 24/7 Card Sentry Fraud Protection

BCBank offers Card Sentry Fraud Scoring for all debit card accounts. This is a protection feature offered to all account holders at no cost. Card Sentry reviews how and where debit cards are used and scores the transactions. Card Sentry rates the transaction from one to 999, and the higher the score, the more likely it is to be fraudulent. This program watches your account 24/7, and will usually suspend the account when something is detected. A Card Sentry Fraud representative will reach out to you via phone call to see if you made the purchase or not. Be sure to have your most updated contact information with BCBank, so if this occurs you are contacted in a timely manner. When contacted, they will verify that you are the account holder, and ask if you made the transaction. Card Sentry Fraud will never ask you for sensitive information, such as a PIN number, social security number, or card number.

Possible Fraud? You can find the number when you log into your online account.

How to Prevent Debit Card Fraud

BCBank offers different ways to prevent debit card fraud. Card Sentry Fraud Protection greatly decreases the chance of fraudulent activity. You can also access your account through our mobile banking app to regularly monitor your account or sign up for text alerts. Other ways to prevent debit card fraud include immediately reporting lost or stolen cards, not writing down your PIN number or account numbers, and never sharing sensitive information over the phone or through emails. BCBank will never ask for personal or sensitive information this way.