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Looking to buy your first home? Already own a home, and looking to purchase another? BCBank, Inc. can provide you with the personal mortgage services you need to afford the home you want. Whether you are new to town and would like to put down some roots, are looking to start a family, or are simply interested in a new property, our friendly and capable loan officers are the ones to rely on. If you are thinking about buying your first home, or have just found the home of your dreams, see our experienced mortgage lenders to help with the process before, during, and after.

Please note that personal mortgage lending is subject to credit approval.

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BCBank Offers Outstanding Customer Service

BCBank is committed to providing outstanding customer service on a personal level. We work with our customers to cultivate a positive banking relationship that lasts a lifetime. As local community members, we are dedicated to serving the banking needs of our neighbors throughout north-central West Virginia. From Philippi to Farmington, and every city in between, BCBank, Inc. is the area’s top choice in service and in trust. Contact us today at (304) 457-3300 to find out more about our personal mortgage lending services.

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Our goal is to help the members of our North-Central West Virginia community achieve their dreams of becoming homeowners. With our easy application process and a total dedication to our customers, you can rest assured that the best place to look to fund your dream is right here at BCBank, Inc. We proudly serve current and potential homeowners throughout a wide area, so call today if you are looking to own a home or property in North-Central West Virginia.

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Financial Calculators

Home Financing

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Refinancing Calculator

Refinancing at a lower rate has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in the long run. However, for refinancing to be worth it, the savings in interest must be greater than the fees (i.e. points, closing costs) involved with the refinancing process. The refinancing calculator will take these fees into consideration and tell you how much you could save (or lose) should you decide to refinance at a lower rate.


Existing Loan

Existing Loan Original Loan Amount
Existing Loan Original Mortgage Length
Existing Loan Date of Loan
Existing Loan Current Interest Rate

New Loan

Existing Loan Amount you wish to cash out upon refinance
Existing Loan New Interest Rate
Existing Loan Points
Existing Loan Fees and Closing Costs
Existing Loan New loan term

Other Information

Existing Loan How long will you keep this property

Fixed Rate Mortgage Calculator

Given the information on your fixed rate mortgage, the fixed rate mortgage calculator will determine how much your mortgage payments will be.


Loan Information

Fixed Rate Mortgage Home Price
Fixed Rate Mortgage Down Payment
Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan Term
Fixed Rate Mortgage Interest Rate
Fixed Rate Mortgage Payment Frequency

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Payments Calculator

Calculates the payments and interest on your adjustable rate mortgage.


Loan Information

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Home Price
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Down Payment
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Term
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Beginning Interest Rate
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Rate Cap (Life Rate Cap)
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Maximum First Interval Rate Increase
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Maximum Subsequent Interval Rate Increase
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Months Before First Rate Increase
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Months Between Subsequent Rate Increases

Balloon Mortgage Payment Calculator

A balloon mortgage consists of paying smaller amounts at first, and then paying the a large portion of the mortgage at one time. This will show you the amount needed for a mortgage with a balloon payment.


Balloon Mortgage Home Price
Balloon Mortgage Down Payment Amount
Balloon Mortgage Amortized Over
Balloon Mortgage Current Interest Rate
Balloon Mortgage Balloon Payment After

Rent or Buy Decision Calculator

Buying a home is a huge life decision. The rent or buy calculator compares the cost of renting or buying given a certain time period


Rent Information

Rent Information Monthly Rent
Rent Information Monthly Renter's Insurance
Rent Information How Much Will Rent Increase Each Year?

Purchase Information

Purchase Information Home Price
Purchase Information Down Payment
Purchase Information Interest Rate
Purchase Information Loan Term
Purchase Information Points (%)
Purchase Information Closing Cost for Buying ($)

Home Information

Purchase Information Annual Property Taxes
Purchase Information Average Monthly Maintenance ($)
Purchase Information Monthly Homeowner's Insurance ($)
Purchase Information How Much Will Your Home Appreciate each Year?
Purchase Information Other Monthly Costs (Association dues, etc...)

Personal Information

Purchase Information State and Federal Tax Rate (%)
Purchase Information Investment Rate of Return (or Bank Account Savings Rate %)
Purchase Information How Long Will You Stay at this Property?

Sale Information

Purchase Information Real Esatate Agent Commission
Purchase Information Closing Cost for Selling ($)

Mortgage Comparison Calculator

The mortgage comparison calculator gives you financial statistics on different types of loans.


Loan Information

Mortgage Comparison Loan ID 1
Mortgage Comparison Loan ID 2
Mortgage Comparison Loan ID 3
Mortgage Comparison Down Payment 1
Mortgage Comparison Down Payment 2
Mortgage Comparison Down Payment 3
Mortgage Comparison Loan Term 1
Mortgage Comparison Loan Term 2
Mortgage Comparison Loan Term 3
Mortgage Comparison Interest Rate 1
Mortgage Comparison Interest Rate 2
Mortgage Comparison Interest Rate 3
Mortgage Comparison Points 1
Mortgage Comparison Points 2
Mortgage Comparison Points 3
Mortgage Comparison Other Fees 1
Mortgage Comparison Other Fees 2
Mortgage Comparison Other Fees 3
Mortgage Comparison Loan Type 1
Mortgage Comparison Loan Type 2
Mortgage Comparison Loan Type 3
Mortgage Comparison Adjustable Type 1
Mortgage Comparison Adjustable Type 2
Mortgage Comparison Adjustable Type 3
Mortgage Comparison Maximum Initial Rate Adjustment 1
Mortgage Comparison Maximum Initial Rate Adjustment 2
Mortgage Comparison Maximum Initial Rate Adjustment 3
Mortgage Comparison Maximum Subsequent Rate Adjustment 1
Mortgage Comparison Maximum Subsequent Rate Adjustment 2
Mortgage Comparison Maximum Subsequent Rate Adjustment 3
Mortgage Comparison Anticipated Rate Cap 1
Mortgage Comparison Anticipated Rate Cap 2
Mortgage Comparison Anticipated Rate Cap 3

All Loans

Mortgage Comparison Home Price
Mortgage Comparison Your Income Tax Rate
Mortgage Comparison How Long Will You Stay in this House(Years)?

Payment Plans

You can save a lot of money if you increase your monthly mortgage payment in order to pay it off faster. Find out how much you could save over the life of your loan.


Loan Information

Payments Plans Original Loan Amount
Payments Plans Original Mortgage Length
Payments Plans Date of Loan
Payments Plans Current Interest Rate
Payments Plans Date of First Extra Payment
Payments Plans Additional Payment Amount and Payment Type

Mortgage Qualification

Estimates a loan amount that you could qualify for.



Mortgage Qualification Combined Gross Annual Income

Monthly Expenses

Mortgage Qualification Minimum Monthly Credit Card Payments
Mortgage Qualification Car Payments
Mortgage Qualification Other Fixed Monthly Debt Expenses

Loan Information

Mortgage Qualification Down Payment
Mortgage Qualification Interest Rate
Mortgage Qualification New Loan Term

Payment Information

Mortgage Qualification Monthly Insurance and Other Costs
Mortgage Qualification Monthly Association Dues (If Any)
Mortgage Qualification Annual Property Tax

Home Affordability

Computes the most expensive house you can buy.


Monthly Payment Information

Home Affordability Highest Payment You can Afford (Include all Taxes, Fees, Dues, Insurance, etc...)

Payment Breakdown

Home Affordability Monthly Insurance and Other Costs
Home Affordability Annual Property Tax
Home Affordability Monthly Associations Dues (If Any)

Loan Information

Home Affordability Down Payment
Home Affordability Loan Term
Home Affordability Interest Rate

Personal Information

Home Affordability Combined State and Federal Tax Rate

Loan Consolidation

Factors in the costs and benefits of consolidating your debts to determine whats the financially best way to pay them off.



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Credit Cards

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Consolidated Loan

Consolidated Loan Interest Rate:
Consolidated Loan Term:
Consolidated Loan Fees:
Consolidated Loan Points(%):
Consolidated Loan Savings Rate(%)):
Consolidated Loan Invest(%):
Calculator Information

The monthly payment calculated factors in both the principal and interest. It does not factor in other mortgages costs such as annual property tax, HOA fees, PMI, etc.

Calculator Disclaimer

These financial calculators are made available as tools for your independent use. We cannot and do not guarantee their accuracy or their applicability to your circumstances. We encourage you to seek advice from qualified professionals regarding personal finance issues.