Safe & Secure Online Banking and Bill Pay with a Personal Touch

In today’s world, time has become a luxury. From working long hours to taking care of your family, there is barely any time in between to pay attention to anything else. BCBank offers a more personal solution that suits the way we live today. North-Central West Virginia’s community bank, BCBank offers  safe, secure, and convenient online banking and bill payment services. Contact us at (304) 457-3300, or your local branch to find out more about our online banking services! You can find our online banking enrollment form here.

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Bank Safely and Pay Bills Securely with Online Ease from BCBank!

Use a computer, a tablet, smartphone, or telephone to do your banking! With an internet connection and a smart device, you can whittle down your to-do list when it comes to banking and paying your bills. With BCBank and online convenience, customers can tackle bill payments with virtual assurance. We provide the e-banking convenience and security you need to make saving your precious time a reality. BCBank offers IPay, where you can conveniently pay bills securely, schedule reoccurring payments, set reminders for due dates, and access billers from our mobile app. By using IPay, you reduce the amount of monthly checks, avoid the line at the post office, and even save on stamps.

Online Bill Pay and E-Banking to Make Payments Electronically

When it comes to safety and security, BCBank surpasses the competition every time. We take your finances seriously, so count on our added e-banking protection. Enjoy the convenience of paying your bills electronically, with the click of a button, with BCBank’s easy online bill pay service. Manage your financial needs with online banking, online bill pay, mobile banking, telephone banking and more. BCBank offers the services busy people need today. We also offer e-statements, so you limit the amount of monthly printed statements clogging your mailbox. Go green with BCBank today, and enroll in our free, secure e-statement service. To enroll, simply log into your account, click on the e-statements tab, and follow the on-screen instructions. Visit the following links for more information about BCBank’s online banking services:

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Enroll in Our Online Banking & Online Bill Pay Services Today!

BCBank Inc. provides customers the Online Banking ease of viewing account balances and transactions, transferring funds, viewing and printing statements, plus paying bills through Online Bill Pay. To enroll in Online Banking, please following these steps:

  1. Click “Enroll” at the top of the page.
  2. You will need the following information:
  1. Your BCBANK Account Number
  2. Your Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
  3. Your email address (Must be on-file at the bank)
  4. Your current address
  1. Click “SUBMIT” to receive an email containing your login ID and a link to your sign in. (Password defaulted to the last 4 of your social security number)
  2. Follow the remaining steps to finish the setup and you’re ready to use your online banking!

*Customers must have a valid email address on file with BCBank before enrolling online.