BCBank is the Community Bank for Your Personal Checking Needs

Personal banking with BCBank, Inc. takes the hassle and uncertainty out of managing your finances. With a skilled, experienced staff, a secure banking system, and a total commitment to our client’s interests, you can rest assured that you are getting the best when it comes to personal banking services. You can access your accounts with a click of a button, a phone call, or even a visit to one of our locations in North-Central West Virginia. Contact us at (304) 457-3300 to learn more.

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Free Checking Accounts with Best Choice Interest Checking

We offer many options when it comes to personal banking. We invite you to enjoy our free Best Choice Interest Checking account services, high interest, and refunds on your ATM fees – nationwide!* With Best Choice Interest Checking, BCBank offers a positive and rewarding way to bank that puts you first.

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Free Cash Back Checking Accounts with Best Choice

If you love shopping, you will love it even more with Best Choice Cash Back Checking — free checking that pays you cash back on your debit card purchases.* You can also get cash back in the form of refunds on your ATM fees, nationwide.* So no matter where you are, in West Virginia or elsewhere, every ATM is your ATM. Visit us today to open your free Best Choice Cash Back Checking account, and start earning rewards today!

*For qualification information, please contact your local Customer Service Representative

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Free Savings Account Services with Best Choice Saver

Make saving effortless! In fact, saving money can be easy and rewarding with Best Choice Saver. It connects to your free Best Choice Interest or Best Choice Cash Back Checking to build your savings automatically. Every month you earn cash rewards in your Best Choice checking account, those rewards transfer into Best Choice Saver. Your Best Choice Saver also pays you interest. Call today to find out more.

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How Do I Earn Rewards & ATM Refunds with Best Choice?

To earn your rewards, just do the following transactions and activities in your Best Choice Cash account during each monthly qualification cycle:

  • Have at least 10 signature-based debit card purchases post and settle
  • Be enrolled in and agree to receive E-Statements
  • Be enrolled in and log into online banking

Please note that the rate is subject to change for a variable rate account after the account is opened.

No need to worry if you do not meet these qualifications. Your account is still free, and you will still earn our base interest rate. Plus, you can get right back to earning your full rewards the very next cycle that you qualify!

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Where to Go for Personal Banking Services by BCBank, Inc.

BCBank, Inc. offers several convenient locations in North-Central West Virginia where customers may go for personal banking services. Community locations include Philippi in Barbour County, Nutter Fort in Harrison County, Fairmont and Farmington in Marion County, and Buckhannon in Upshur County.

Financial Calculators

Personal Financing

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Car Affordability

Calculates the most expensive car you can afford.


Financial Information

Car Affordability Highest Monthly Payment you can Afford
Car Affordability Down Payment($)
Car Affordability Trade-in Value (If Any)
Car Affordability Loan Term
Car Affordability Interest Rate

Credit Card Payoff

Determines how long it will take to pay off credit card debt.


Card Information

Credit Card Payoff Current Balance
Credit Card Payoff Monthly Payment
Credit Card Payoff Interest Rate

Saving for College

Calculates a monthly savings amount in order to reach your college savings goal.


College Financial Information

Saving for College Today's Yearly Tuition
Saving for College Years of College
Saving for College Amount you Have Now
Saving for College Years Until College Begins
Saving for College Expected Interest Rate
Saving for College Expected Inflation Rate

Big Purchase

Computes how much money you will need to save each month in order to purchase something big.


Financial Information

Big Purchase After-Tax amount savings goal
Big Purchase Amount you have now
Big Purchase How long will you save
Big Purchase Expected Interest Rate
Big Purchase Income Tax Rate


Based on your financial details, the borrowing calculator determines how much money you can feasibly borrow and pay back.


Financial Information

Borrowing Payment Amount
Borrowing Number of Payments
Borrowing Interest Rate

Loan Rates

Given loan information, determines the interest rate on that loan.


Loan Information

Loan Rates Purchase Price
Loan Rates Down Payment Amount
Loan Rates Payment Amount
Loan Rates Loan term

Paying Off a Loan

Determines how long it will take you to payoff a loan.


Loan Information

Paying Off a Loan Purchase Price
Paying Off a Loan Down Payment Amount
Paying Off a Loan Payment Amount
Paying Off a Loan Interest Rate

Loan Payments

Determines the payment on a loan with a fixed rate.


Loan Information

Loan Payments Purchase Price
Loan Payments Down Payment Amount
Loan Payments Loan Term
Loan Payments Interest Rate
Loan Payments Trade in Amount
Loan Payments Trade in Payoff
Loan Payments Payment Frequency

Car Purchasing

Helps decide if an Auto Loan or Home Equity Loan is best for purchasing a car.


Auto Loan Information

Car Purchasing Price (pre tax)
Car Purchasing Loan term
Car Purchasing Interest Rate
Car Purchasing Cash Down
Car Purchasing Fees
Car Purchasing Sales Tax Rate
Car Purchasing Trade Allowance
Car Purchasing Amount Owed on Trade

Home Equity Loan Information

Car Purchasing Home Equity Price (pre tax)
Car Purchasing Home Equity Loan term
Car Purchasing Home Equity Loan Interest Rate
Car Purchasing Home Equity Loan Closing Costs
Car Purchasing Home Equity Loan Federal Tax Rate
Car Purchasing Home Equity Loan State Tax Rate

Debt Elimination

This calculator helps you evaluate various strategies for paying off your debt. When one debt is paid off, the payment amount normally applied to that debt is made available for use against another debt. This is referred to as the rollover strategy. Add an additional monthly payment for debt reduction to accelerate the payoff.


Debt Information

Add Row Remove Row
Debt Elimination Type 0
Debt Elimination Creditor 0
Debt Elimination Interest Rate 0
Debt Elimination Current Balance 0
Debt Elimination Amount You Pay 0
Debt Elimination Minimum Amount 0
Debt Elimination Additional Monthly Payment for Debt Reduction

Debt Payoff Strategy

For the lease expensive debt payoff strategy, choose HIGHEST RATE FIRST and USE MINIMUM AMOUNT DUE

Debt Elimination Debt Payoff Order
Debt Elimination Minimum Amounts
Calculator Information

The monthly payment calculated factors in both the principal and interest. It does not factor in other mortgages costs such as annual property tax, HOA fees, PMI, etc.

Calculator Disclaimer

These financial calculators are made available as tools for your independent use. We cannot and do not guarantee their accuracy or their applicability to your circumstances. We encourage you to seek advice from qualified professionals regarding personal finance issues.